A series of short, portrait documentaries celebrating the wonderful characters and diverse lives of those living in social housing. From Community First Responders to Probation Officers and Retail Managers, these tenants are a positive force in the community. This project brought the contributors, and their films, all the way to the Houses or Parliament.



This Story Started with a Partnership

We worked with local Sheffield agency Social We Talk to deliver for SYHA on this project. They wanted to create films that would dispel the negative stigma around those in social housing as part of a UK wide campaign: ‘Benefit to Society’. It’s always a pleasure work on good causes.




Throughout our engagement and as a results of these films, we sought to empower our contributors. We put them front and centre in tracking portrait shots which close each film.




We asked each person about their music tastes and then used soundtracks with a hint of that genre for the final piece. It was no easy task mind, with requests ranging from Trance to Christmas Songs and 80s pop to Classical! Check out our nod to Santa below: 



Real Life

We’re always a big fan of capturing authentic moments documentary style. So we joined Nicola at the hospital and Sue as she picked up her lovely daughter from school.




Success! Everyone loved the films. Just check out the feedback! Project lead, Hannah, even took the contributors to Parliament as part of the campaign: “It was an absolute joy from start to end and seeing the videos shown in parliament was the cherry on the cake!”. Here’s Freda and Nicola watching the films on the way down.



Great work team.


"First and foremost John's an outstanding filmmaker - the quality of his work and the creativity he brought to the project left us with a series of videos that are our proudest to date. In addition he's is a wonderful person to work with. He's curious, he goes above and beyond to capture the perfect shots, and he's great with people. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with John, it's still one of the highlights of my career so far!"

Hannah Thornton -  Communications Officer, SYHA 

"After I watched the first 2 films I was hooked.   By the time I reached the 5th I was moved to tears.  I was humbled by the wonderful stories being shared, the way people talked from the heart and give us a glimpse into their lives and passions, the music added just the right atmosphere and the way it was filmed was all very touching"

Dee Hiley -  Project Co-ordinator, SYHA

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