A short Himalayan documentary on the metaphysics and morality of risk in the face of socio-environmental change

Set in one of India’s most sacred and geologically fragile mountain landscapes, the film brings alive the everyday experiences, beliefs and hopes of a priest, his wife, and their 22-year-old son who survived a great flood not long ago. Through their story, we explore a traditional society’s understanding of its own vulnerability and resilience in the face of dramatic environmental change on the one hand and the rapid intrusion of modernity, urbanism and consumerism on the other.

The film debuted as part of Festival of the Mind 2018. Find out more here: https://mountainpriestson.wordpress.com

The project is accompanied by The Lord of Three Aeons, a photography exhibition of portraiture and dramatic landscapes. View images here: https://trueglassphotography.com/the-lord-of-three-aeons


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