Meet Maliko, the friendliest 12 year old you’ll ever come across.

He ran away from starving poverty at home. He left his single mother and 4 siblings to go in search of of the things his family couldn’t afford. He lived, slept, begged and stole on the dusty streets of Lilongwe, Malawi. That was until Chisomo Children’s Club found him.

Chisomo Children’s Club is a Malawian charity that reintegrates street children with their families and works with communities on prevention and education. They do invaluably great work.

This film, made on a shoe string, went on to gain international recognition:
• The film was shortlisted for the award “Filmmaker of the Future” at the Watersprite International Student Short-FIlm Festival.
• The film changed national policy. It led Malawian MPs to draft a new motion preventing the round-up of street children by police.

A selection of still images of the other kids from around the centre: