A passionate pursuit of the ‘mountains’. A poetic peek into a sentimental world.

Far away from hearth, home and heritage, a young Himalayan scholar is faced with physical disablement and desolation. As he takes on his ‘mountains’, he finds solace in his spirituality, ethnic identity, and love for the wilderness.

Shot in northern England on the ancient Asian spring and new year festival of Nauróz, this impressionistic ethnography brings together poetic images, words and sounds to reveal the essence of the young highlander’s being.

"John Seddon is without a doubt one of the most perceptive and innovative cinematographers in the UK. He is highly skilled in all aspects of filmmaking, extremely creative, exceptionally conscientious, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Having collaborated with him on two artistically and logistically challenging film projects, I can say with total conviction that John will never let you down!"

Vaibhav Kaul

"This is beautifully shot, especially as it moves to the plains and the feet of the mountains. The lack of dialogue is striking. The way it focuses the viewer on visual ideas that engage the other senses is masterful."

Jordan Inman, True/False Film Fest

An Awakening